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SOS In-Residence Test Course

Start Date: Mar 8, 2018
End Date: Apr 25, 2018

About This Course

Squadron Officer School delivers primary developmental education for captains and their Department of the Air Force (DAF) civilians. They are exposed to educational and experiential opportunities that challenge them to become more effective leaders for our Air Force

Although SOC has a long and prestigious history; we are not resting on our laurels. On the contrary, we are in the process of fundamentally transforming the College. We are partnering with leading institutions in the US to ensure our curriculum reflects the latest advancements in leadership studies. We are also adding intensive, experiential activities in our resident programs to inject realism and provide opportunities for students to apply the lessons we are0 teaching.

SOS students will recognize the changes instantly. Gone are the day-long lectures and unending decks of PowerPoint slides. Gone too are the activities that had become divorced from the College's leadership focus. Instead, students are treated to a graduate-level executive leadership seminar that helps them identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses, provides them the tools for improvement, and empowers them with opportunities to apply what they have learned.

In addition to these improvements, we at SOC are reaching beyond the walls of our facilities to transform our distance-learning educational opportunities. In this effort, we are leveraging technology to provide state-of-the-art, on-line curriculum to company grade officers and their civilian counterparts across our Air Force. The newest version of the SOS nonresident program features a completely renovated curriculum targeted specifically at leadership and profession of arms development. The program communicates directly with instructors and peers through shared assignments and critical feedback and increase the learning opportunities for all of our distance learning student body.

SOC is transforming itself to be more relevant to today's complex security environment and to be more responsive to the challenges our junior leaders face as they lead our expeditionary Air Force to mission success. If you haven't seen SOC lately, then you don't know SOC. We are well on our way to realizing our vision of becoming our Air Force's premier leadership-development institution.