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Theories and Principles of Adult Education

Start Date: Mar 1, 2017

About This Course

Welcome to TPAE! This course prepares faculty members to deliver curriculum focused on higher levels of learning through various teaching methodologies. TPAE culminates with a graduation ceremony, then transitions in to Practicum and Application of Adult Education (PAAE) which focuses on how instructors will employ the theories and methodologies that were learned in TPAE in Squadron Officer School.

Faculty Development Staff

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Division Chief, Faculty Development

Major Stacy Monaghan is responsible for leading the Faculty Development Program for Squadron Officer College. In this facet, she is the subject matter expert for curriculum that supports instructor development which ultimately meets the CSAF and AU Commander's goals for CGO PME.

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Branch Chief, Initial Faculty Training

Captain Adam Easley is responsible for managing the Theories and Principles of Adult Education (TPAE) Course in which he designs, develops, and teaches lessons ensuring competency for 153 officer PME instructors. Captain Easley's leadership throughout the college enriches instructors in the intellectual capacity to better execute the overarching Air Force mission.

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Curriculum Manager, Faculty Development

Mr. Kirby Thompson teaches in the Division’s two major faculty developmentcourses, Theories and Principles of Adult Education (TPAE) and Advanced Principles of Instructional Design (APID). He is responsible, along with the course directors, for maintenance of the division’s curriculum for its three facultydevelopment courses, TPAE, Practicum and Applications in Adult Education (PAAE), and APID. He also monitors SOC’s Master Instructor program, faculty evaluation status and faculty qualifications