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Advanced Principles of Instructional Design (APID)

Start Date: Mar 1, 2017

About This Course

Advanced Principles of Instructional Design is a course where experienced Squadron Officer Faculty will learn the skills necessary to develop curriculum. This course supports the number one priority of our commandant with faculty development. Parts of this course will dive into concepts that were originally presented from Theories and Principles of Adult Education (TPAE) and then will go into great detail on Instructional Systems Development (ISD). ISD is the process that the Air Force uses to develop curriculum from training to education.

Students will enroll in the course with a piece of curriculum that has been identified as needing work so that students can directly apply the skills learned to a tangible project. The ultimate goal for an APID student is to develop curriculum and follow through with it until its implementation to the whole school.


APID students need to have completed TPAE and an experienced SOC instructor. The experience required is subjective as long as the instructor is comfortable with delivering curriculum and has confidence in the classroom. Also, students need to have a lesson ready to develop prior to attending which Faculty Development holds the list of required lessons as provided by Academic Chairs and Course Directors.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Multiple instructors will guide you through your journey and your Course Director is Capt Matthew Ward.

Capt Matthew Ward is the Branch Chief for Advanced Principles of Instructional Design (APID). APID is advanced faculty development where instructors learn the skills necessary to become curriculum developers. Prior to this, he taught 11 SOS flights and two Distance Learning Flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet?

Room 178 by the TPAE room.

How long are the days?

We will be in the classroom for the first week and days are expected to start from 0800-1400 with a 90 minute lunch. AFter the first week, you will have self directed time to work on your project.