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ISR 200

Start Date: Nov 3, 2017
End Date: Nov 24, 2017

Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and the Department of Defense are at a strategic turning point where we’ve begun the transition from today’s wars and are preparing for future conflicts. As one of the Air Force’s five enduring core missions, the challenge is to maintain AF ISR’s current tactical and operational competencies, while rebuilding the capability and capacity to conduct full-spectrum multi-domain operations in complex and ambiguous environments around the world. To be prepared for increased responsibilities, it is imperative for mid-career intelligence officers to fully leverage the vast array of ISR capabilities and processes.

ISR 200 is an intermediate skills course for 14N CGOs and civilian equivalents. By educating ISR Airmen, this course aims to improve understanding of how ISR operations are integrated across all domains of military operations—primarily at the operational level of warfighting. This course is intended to provide post-initial skills education to better prepare CGOs for increased leadership roles and responsibilities within the intelligence community.